Flourish in Progress Reader Survey 2014

homegirldiamondWhen I first started blogging 3 years and 4 months ago, my family set the over/under at 6 weeks before I quit. This is the longest I’ve committed to one pursuit in my entire life aside from my part-time mothering hobby. I stuck around because I kept “meeting” so many dope motherfuckers. I want to find out more about you, what you love (or don’t love), and why you read Flourish in Progress.

Would you please take my Flourish in Progress Reader Survey 2014? I tried to be brief. (Is 24 questions brief?) It may feel like you are taking a test but there are no right or wrong answers. Only stupid ones.

Thank you for sticking it out with me as I figure out the Hood plus the Good. I wish you could know what your support and your kindness have done for my insides.


If you are reading this in a feed reader or by email and you have trouble with the link, please visit the actual Flourish in Progress site. If that still doesn’t work then we are both fucked because I don’t know nothing about computer-y matters.

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