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Monday Dare: This probably means I’m a genius

Every Monday, I’m picking from the List of Things to Do, Places to Go, Possible Acts that Help and Possible Fun to Have. It’s a list I made before The Project started, and I’m still adding to it. If you have suggestions, please feel free to throw them my way. I’m calling the list my Monday Dares, as I get overwhelmed just looking at the words “challenge” or “goal.”

This week: Learn to use the computer. 

I feel like I should share something with you today. Something life-threatening. Wait, I mean life-changing.  I thought about it all weekend while I was in Vegas. Then, I remembered something I learned just recently.

Here it is: HTML is not an abbreviation for Hotmail. Tah-fucking-dah.

So maybe that wasn’t life-changing, but I hope it gave you the Well, I’ll be damned moment it gave me when I first found out a few months ago. Unless, of course, you already knew this piece of information, and then I just have to ask you- Why didn’t you tell me? Are we not at that point in our friendship?

I’m more of a pencil-and-paper person. At least that’s what I told myself until I got my first computer in high school. Then, I was all Oh, I should totally be a computer geek. I already have thick glasses. I have trouble even opening a can of tuna by myself, but this computer thing didn’t seem like a big deal. After all, I owned a typewriter. An electric typewriter. How much harder could it be?

After a few days of fiddling around with the volume button, I got the computer to turn on. It probably helped that I finally pushed the on/off button. This computer geek thing was not working out, so I called my friend, Dave, to walk me through a few basic functions. Nothing complicated. Maybe just a tutorial on the word processor as a start.

It was simple. All I had to do was click on the program icon with my mouse. I clicked it over and over again. Nothing. I’m not a crier, mostly just a huffer-and-puffer. Pimps don’t cry. But, I felt a little something in the corner of my eye. I still maintain to this day that it was dust. Dust makes people do the ugly cry. Since Dave only lived five minutes away, he offered to come over.

We fixed the problem in less than five minutes. The problem? Well, it’s something else I wanted to share with you today: The mouse stays on the table. No need to hold it up to the monitor to click on an icon. You’re welcome. 

Your own computer or technology goofs?
Recommendations for computer programs that made an impactful difference or you love just because?

UPDATE: Cal offered to be my computer instructor this week. She started by asking if I have ever gotten Mac’s Spinning Wheel of Death. Guys, this could be interesting.
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Someone’s going to get hurt. Probably me.

Harv gets a twitch in his eye when I start a conversation with “I swear it wasn’t me, but….,” or “Seriously, I think this could have happened to anyone,” or “I’m going to Vegas.” I think it’s fear. Actually, maybe it’s not fear and there’s something wrong with him. I think that’s it. Something’s wrong with Harv.

I’m going to Vegas today. I plan to come home with both shoes this time. Okay, “plan” is a strong word. I will try my damn best.

If you don’t hear from me by Monday, maybe call the LVPD. Or start a bail fund.
I’m thrilled that pimptastic Roo of Nice Girl Notes gave me the opportunity to guest post for her this week. Sometimes, I like to pretend that we’re in a gang, and I’m her west coast affiliate. I’m just bummed that both of us are getting on planes this week, but we’re landing in different spots.

Support a fellow homette…go on over. I talk about the time I dressed up as Mulan for a six-year-old’s birthday party. I sucked. Hard.

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p.s. I’m closing comments on this post. But, I’ll be responding to comments as usual on my guest post over at Nice Girl Notes.

p.p.s. Just so we’re clear, I wasn’t kidding about calling LVPD. Or the bail money.
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