People tell me all the time that I’m amazing. And by “people,” I mean my daughter, Cal. It’s probably because she gets to live in my home rent-free and I birthed her (so she owes me), but I think it’s because I’m fucking awesome with a microwave and a glue gun.

I turned 30 in September 2010. That might not seem like much to you, but I’m pretty proud of myself. After becoming a single mom at 19, I spent my 20’s mothering, loving, drinking, crying, partying, yelling, working, sighing, moving, scrimping, saving, shopping and dancing.

Now, at the age of 35, I have an amazing family and a great life. My daughter, Cal, is kind and generous. Obviously, I’m a good mom. My husband, Harv, is freakishly patient. I fully expect him to snap like a crispy old rubber band one day. Until then, I will try his patience to the best of my ability.

Sometimes, I write for The Huffington Post. Sometimes, I give parenting advice on Alpha Mom. When I’m feeling especially thug, I give satirical advice on love, life, and assholes for Inside the Mind of a Ghetto Genius. My alias is Flo-Rich.

Some randomness:

I started this blog to chronicle my 30th Birthday Project.

I’ve moved 20 times in 33 years. That includes 2 continents, 5 states, and 12 cities.

I married my husband after dating him for just 18 days. Seriously.

I live in Los Angeles, CA. (Moved to Austin, TX in July, 2015. My soul is still Westside till I Die tho.)

I won a bunch of money in Las Vegas one time, and it pretty much ruined my life.

I’m an avid Yo! MTV Raps trading card collector. I’m only missing three. It’s the thorn in my side that keeps me from sleeping peacefully at night.



photo by Bonnie Tsang