I shouldn’t be trusted with any amount of money

I had grand plans for my re-entry into the retail world. And by “grand plans,” I really just mean that I was going to stick to buying a few basics and maybe splurge on something fancy like a sparkly new pair of heels or a Halloween sweater. Not just any Halloween sweater, but the kind that my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Davis, had: pumpkin face on the front with secret-switch-activated light-up eyes.
Instead, I decided to splurge on home decor. I might even venture to call it art. I came across a company that cut wooden letters in a pimp-ass font. Their site had all sorts of suggestions for different messages I could string together. Perhaps a “Happy Birthday” or “Welcome” or “Lovers in Love.”
I chose this:
(Gangstas and Hos)

Something about it spoke to me. And really, isn’t that what art is all about? I plan to hang it in our foyer. I think it sets the right tone when guests walk in. Like a “Welcome” with a subtle hint of “Gyeah, we keep it real around here.”

(I’m sorry it’s such a terrible picture, but you know what money can’t buy? Talent.)

What’s the most “interesting” purchase you’ve ever made? Bad, good, ugly, scary…..

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first image via pinterest

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