vacay, y’all

I’m leaving for a few days to reconnect with family, friends, and food. I plan to stuff myself until it’s fairly certain that I’m going to explode. Maybe I’ll come back home all lopsided and shit from the sudden and dramatic increase in calories. One can only hope.

Tomorrow is the seven-month mark of The Project. Thanks for joining me and supporting me and threatening to cut my hand off that one time at Target when I couldn’t put the Serenity for the Soul CD back on the rack. Oh wait, that was just one of you, but thanks anyway.

A look back:

i learn to let go.

monday dare: the number you have dialed…

i consider forming a support group for people with small bladders.

monday dare: f.u.c.k.

i give up swearing. kind of.

monday dare: obviously, i hate myself.

i learn to follow directions. sort of.

monday dare: spork-tastic
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