thanks for not pushing me in the face

Harv’s birthday is next Monday. The fact that I remembered the correct month this year should be gift enough. Last year, I thought his birthday was in April. When he tried to correct me, I told him that he was a liar and that he should be ashamed of himself. If you want to find a way to frustrate your loved one quickly, try to convince him that he doesn’t know his own birth date. That should do the trick.

I’d like to do something special for him. The last time I attempted this was on his 30th birthday.

We had been married for less than a year, and I wanted to create a picture album with some of our incredibly classy pictures-

  • our Elvis wedding in Vegas
  • me, pushing little kids out of the way, at Dave & Buster’s Spin-to-Win game
  • a debaucherous Halloween (He was my pimp; I was Ho White, Snow White’s promiscuous sister)
  • a family day trip with Cal to the Cabbage Patch Hospital (people, I still have nightmares)
  • a ghost tour in Key West (even today, get a puppet near me, and I will lose my shit)

I had every good intention of finishing before his birthday rolled around. Then, I got sidetracked by a Little House on the Prairie mega-marathon.

Too caught up in finding out if Mary Ingalls regains her sight, I didn’t finish the album.

Harv deserves a spectacular birthday. It’s his reward for putting up with me every single day and a “thanks” for not pushing me in the face that one time he told me he preferred cats over dogs, and I called him Cat Man for a week afterwards.

Do you have a “best” birthday memory? How did you celebrate? Any ideas for Harv?
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